AdSense Benchmark Tool: Discover the Monetization Potential of Any Site

This new feature is an excellent solution for bloggers, affiliate managers, and anyone who is looking for ways to discover the monetization potential of their websites. Check how much profit you can earn in just a click!
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Mobile, International, and Local SEO Course
[SEMrush SEO Toolkit Course] Learn to improve your website’s visibility locally, globally, and on mobile searches — all of this with SEMrush tools
If you’re running your business across different countries, or just want to promote your products and services to local customers, or achieve better ranking in mobile search, you will definitely want to take our brand-new free course to learn how SEMrush can help you.
Display Advertising Stats 2019
Display Advertising Stats 2019: SEMrush Study [Fashion Edition]
Google Display Network is one of the most influential and profitable digital marketing channels. While the majority of Fashion & Lifestyle companies underuse it, it can be a goldmine of targeted, quality, lower-cost traffic. Dive into advertising strategies from the top 2,000 Fashion & Lifestyle companies and learn how to readjust your digital strategy.
New Rel Attributes are On
Backlink Tools: New Rel Attributes are On
Now you can track the way your rivals use new rel tags in Backlink Analytics, and carry out in-depth analysis of your own backlinks containing them with the help of Backlink Audit.
10 Things You Didn't Know about SEMrush Traffic Analytics
10 Things You Didn't Know about SEMrush Traffic Analytics
Alongside the values that our magnificent Traffic Analytics brings to the table, there is one extra that users of the paid add-on can enjoy exclusively. It’s the new Market Explorer tool that can broaden your vision of the competitive landscape and open up new frontiers. And that’s not all!
New Rel Attributes are On
Unlocking the Power of LinkedIn (LinkedIn video)
We will teach you strategies and best practices that you can implement to unlock the power of LinkedIn video so that you can create more impact and income.