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It’s that time again – your fortnightly roundup of all the major stories impacting the cryptocurrency space. There’s good news for Bitcoin, a departure at Facebook’s Libra project, and more. Read on.
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BTC to IDR: Sept 16 - Oct 15 2019
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RoundUp video - Bitcoin Blitz & Libra's next move
Newsworthy: Two weeks in crypto
Bitcoin is 2019’s best-performing asset 🎉

Even with recent price fluctuations, Bitcoin is up roughly 114% from 31 December 2018, outpacing the 31% return for U.S. tech stocks and 17% for gold. But where will it go from here? Read more

Cardano and New Balance join forces 🤝

US footwear brand New Balance has teamed up with blockchain engineering startup IOHK in an effort to stamp out counterfeiting. New Balance will use the Cardano blockchain to enable its customers to verify the origins of a range of products. Take that, counterfeiters! Read more

PayPal’s change of heart 💔

PayPal has become the first company to drop out of Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency. With the founding members meeting on 14 October in Geneva, what comes next for the project? Read more

A lesson: How not to mine Bitcoin in Russia 😬

A Russian nuclear scientist was fined $7,000 for illegal Bitcoin mining at a top-secret nuclear base. The innovative miner was part of a trio who accessed supercomputers on the site to mine Bitcoin. Ouch, hopefully he broke even. Read more
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Word on the Tweet

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